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Content of the School

  • Teaching session

    Our school gathers international teachers sharing their fresh revelation and knowledge about healing in a way to be equipped and bring the fire of the Holy Spirit to your place !

  • To go further

    After each session, homework will help you to learn and go deeper with the topic that has just been taught.

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You too can learn to heal the sick! The purpose of these teachings is to enable each of us to live the supernatural in our own lives, to learn how to pray for the sick and to get moving!

Guests & topics

    1. 1. Key to increase your anointing 2. Rebuild the temple and be released into the world

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    1. 1. Faith and the ways of God 2. The power of testimony

    2. To go further

    1. 1. Identity and Healing 2. Authority, territory in the area of Healing

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    1. 1. The Heart of the father 2.Learning to deal with disappointment

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    1. 1. The Gift of Healing 2. The Word of God and healing

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    1. 1. John 6: The presence of God attracts people 2. John 14: You will do greater things

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